The Tel Aviv-Yafo Economic Development Authority

The Tel Aviv-Yafo Economic Development Authority Ltd. is a municipal corporation owned by the Tel Aviv-Yafo municipality.

The company was founded in May 2000, with the aim of realizing the raw business-economic potential of the municipality's tangible and intangible assets. This was done for the purpose of creating new and significant income sources which would aid performance of the traditional activities for the benefit of Tel Aviv residents and the City's active business community.

The Authority sorts and analyzes the various areas of activity and locates those projects having economic potential and the extent to which they can be applied, and, together with the relevant municipal bodies, decides upon their execution.

In addition, the Authority acts to develop business relationships with foreign authorities and entities that wish to develop projects in Tel Aviv in general, and in particular with business entities in the city.

The Authority's Ideals

The Authority is striving to be the economic arm of the Tel Aviv-Yafo municipality which will create new and significant sources of income that shall constitute a respectable portion of the Municipality's budget.


Ongoing profitability that will enable investment in developing municipal resources and assets and in initiating new projects, from which significant income can be created for the Tel Aviv-Yafo municipality.

  • The Tel Aviv-Yafo Economic Development Authority Ltd.

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